Why Should You Get a Water Softener?

To understand what hard and soft water is, we have to get into the microscopic. Water is not pure H20 as your chemistry teacher taught you in the 7th grade. Most water has suspended particles in it. I know what you may be thinking, how is that possible? Water runs clear so how can there possibly be particles floating around in it? Water has a lot of microscopic minerals floating around in it, which are invisible to the naked eye. The number of particles that is in a particular sample of water determines its taste as well as its hardness.

The microscopic mineral particles in water act as flavoring agents, this is why if you really pay attention, you will notice that water from different parts of the world or from different households tastes completely different from each other. The water that has more minerals in it is called hard water and the water that contains less minerals is called soft water. The problem with hard water is that the high mineral content can be very drying and can really dry out your skin. This is why there are companies that sell water softeners. If you want one that is made by a reputable company and is known for its quality, we highly recommend that you check out the link above.

The water that you’re drinking could be very high in minerals, which isn’t always a good thing for reasons that we will explain in this article. What are some of the reasons that hard water is bad for you? Well, for starters, water that contains a lot of magnesium and calcium dries your skin out and makes you look older. If your water has more of these minerals your hair will feel drier and chalkier in the long run as well. If you switch to soft water by using a water softener, you will be greeted with instantly softer skin, and more silky hair. If you’re someone who has always used hard water to shower, you will be surprised by how different you feel after a bath with soft water. You will also discover that your clothes look cleaner and feel soft to the touch. Because the minerals in hard water bind to foreign objects you will soon find out to your displeasure that hard water makes your clothes feel stiff. Stiff clothes mean uncomfortable clothes and if you get yourself a water softener you can experience the joy of having soft clothes.

Soft water is also far more palatable than hard water. When you install a water softener you will immediately notice that any strange odors or flavors that you have gotten used to, suddenly disappear. Soft water tastes great because it doesn’t taste like calcium, other strange minerals or government infused chlorine or fluorine.

Soft water is also much easier on the pipes compared to hard water. If you’ve ever used hard water with an electric kettle, you’ve probably noticed that some white scale begins to form over the heating element after a few tries. This is because of the calcium and magnesium in the water.

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