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Home School or Public School?

When it comes to your child’s education, you want to ensure that you enroll them into a place that shares your values. The only issue with this is that parents are usually oblivious as to what the teachers are teaching their pupils, and this may result in the child developing some unfavorable viewpoints. Due to this, some parents choose to homeschool their kids, so that they may exercise a bit more control over the content that enters their child’s mind.      

If you do in fact wish to enroll your child into a school, then you want to find a school that is not only a great place for the child to learn but is also full of passionate educators. For all these reasons we can highly recommend high schools in Brisbane. They have some of the best and most qualified educators around and they will surely give your child a fantastic learning environment.

In this article we’ll discuss a little bit on the pros and cons of sending your child to a public-school vs homeschooling them. Let’s start off with the homeschooling option. Homeschooling is a fantastic option for parents who want to take up the challenge of educating their child, but be warned homeschooling is no small feat, and requires plenty of dedication and time commitment to teaching the child. If you’re a parent thinking about homeschooling your child, make sure that you take this into consideration. However, though homeschooling is a serious time commitment, it can also be very advantageous. The most important benefit is that the syllabus will be tailored to the child and will be very student oriented. This will mean that the student is always on top of their work because the teaching is sped up or slowed down based on their aptitude and understanding levels. Homeschooling is also good because the child will be able to learn in a safe environment, free from bullying and other distractions.

The alternative in stark contrast to homeschooling is public school. This is where a large number of kids are taught in classes at once. The advantages of this style of education are numerous but there are disadvantages too. The biggest benefit of public school is that there are plenty of opportunities for socialization. A child will never be lacking in opportunities for socialization and that’s a pretty great thing. They will as a result be exposed to a lot of different types of people and learn how to navigate complex social situations. However, there are some cons to private school as well. With the primary one being that there is little individual attention to be had from the teachers. All the classes are taught at a set pace and with little regard for whether individual students understand the sessions or not. This can be highly demoralizing for the students in those particular classes. They may also be bullied or subject to negative influences that you don’t want your child to be exposed to.

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