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Building Your Own Merry Little Elf Village

There is a sense of wonder when it comes to the holiday season and you can create festive décor to celebrate the magic of the season. In this article, we will look at how you can build an elf village and this can be a good exercise to expand your imagination as well.

You can look for inspiration

For the elf village by looking into storybooks, holiday movies and online resources. You can also use your memories and imagination. Some of the themes you can look into are a cosy winter village, Santa’s workshop etc. You can sketch a rough layout of the village along with the landscape, buildings and other decorative elements to clarify your vision. You can look into elf figurines online and check out the 24 day elf kit. You can also collect some craft supplies like foam board, cardboard, felt, fabric, wood and other miniature accessories. You can check which household supplies can be used for this such as egg cartons, paper towel rolls, shoeboxes etc. These can easily be repurposed into buildings and other features in the village. Your local craft store will have so many inexpensive craft supplies that can be repurposed in new ways so that you can keep the budget low.            

You can start with buildings the landmarks and the buildings of the village.

The base of the structures can be made with cardboard or foam board and you can build the roofs, walls and other details with craft paper, fabric and paint. You can use sequins, glitter and beads to create festive décor. Also, LED lights or battery operated candles can be added so that the village can glow at night creating an inviting scene. The details are what adds whimsy to the village and brings it to life. You can create snow with scraps of fabric and faux fur. This will create a wintry effect and you can decorate the buildings with holiday lights, wreaths and garlands. You can use tiny elf figurines along with other festive characters and reindeer to fill the village. This can be a fun exercise as well because you can pose the figurines in different ways. There can be elves up to mischief in one part and then elves trying to decorate a big Christmas tree. You can even create tiny kitchens that you can look into where they will be making gingerbread or cake.

You can use natural elements to create scenic landscapes.

You can use miniature trees, craft moss and faux grass for greenery and you can add sand, pebbles and gravel to create pathways, ponds and bridges. This will give more depth and dimension to the elf village. You can also incorporate water features like streams of fountains. You can create these with glass beads, clear resin or iridescent paper. The village can be personalised by adding custom street names, signage and landmarks that have meaning to you and your family so that you can bring your favourite holiday traditions to life.

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