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5 Types of Pants Women Feel Stylish In

Women’s choices of pants are usually based on key factors such as the type or shape of their bodies, as well as whether they want comfort, style, appeal, or all at the same time. Here are 5 types that women can look absolutely stylish and stunning in. 


Leggings are a wardrobe staple. The reason why they are a must have is because of how versatile they are in terms of styling up, and of course, the endless range they are available in. They are perfect when it comes to creating a casual look.

However, you definitely can achieve a dressy look with the right pair and the right combinations. Often found in cotton and spandex, they are tight fitting and offer a unique feeling of comfort and convenience which is why it’s almost as though you could wear them every day, anytime, anywhere!

Cigarette Pants

These are like more or less, the number one type for most women. Cigarette pants are super slim and have a high waist. Women with tall, slender figures may be the biggest fans of cigarette pants just because of how slim fitting they are which gives their bodies a beautiful definition. Cigarette pants are commonly found in colours like black and dark grey, but are also available in many different colours. 

Capri Pants

Capri pants are also known as cropped pants. Again, they are fitted pants that go from waist up until mid-calf. Capri pants are mostly ideal in warm weather. However, they can be styled up in so many ways to look chic and casual, or to look a tad dressy if you wish.

They can be found in various types of fabric, both solids and patterns. However, polyester, nylon and cotton might be the most common fabrics used because capris are mostly meant for casual looks. Look up “Natopia capri Australia” online to find an amazing range to shop from.

High Rise Pants

High rise pants are more or less, another term for mom-jeans. Nevertheless, these have turned out to become quite a sexy option for many reasons. These pants have a design that gives your tummy a flattened look while making your rear look fuller and prominent.

Now, aren’t they two good enough factors that qualify high rise pants to be a lot sexier instead of boring? Pair them with a pair of high heels – you’d be amazed about how you rock your outfit altogether. 

Low Rise Pants

These are a great choice for fit women who have abs to show off! Just like the term suggests, these pants fit around your hips instead of the waist, and below the navel, which is how it is supposed to create a hot look!

They are usually wide at the bottom, even flared. However, the point of attraction when it comes to low rise pants, unlike all of the above types, is all about how they fit around the waist to create sexiness, and not about defining one’s thighs or the slenderness of their limbs.

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