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5 Things to Know About Skin Moisturizing

You could be someone who never fails to put on moisturizer, and always got an extra one in your bag. However, have you ever wondered whether you are doing it all right? There is so much more to it than simply putting it on your face twice or more in a day. Here are some of the essential things when it comes to this part of your skincare routines.  

Exfoliate First

It is only fair if you thought putting loads of moisturizer directly on your dry skin made sense in every way. However, it is not quite the right way to moisturize skin that is quite dry. Instead, you first need to gently exfoliate.

This is because dry skin is likely to have more dead cells on the surface that may obstruct you moisturize from touching your real skin underneath. Thus, start with exfoliation, and then moisturize while your skin feels supple and slightly damp.

Do Not Rub Hard

Did you know that excessive rubbing can cause the water content in your moisturizer to reduce? This basically means that the whole purpose of moisturizing would be lost if you rubbed it hard with your hands. The right way to apply your moisturizer is to use gentle, circular motions, upwards.

Use your little and ring fingers to apply it around your eye areas. Proper moisturization should make your makeup look extra glowing, and stay that way, longer. Of course, though, this could depend on the quality if your make up, too. Thus always buy face makeup that’s super high quality and skin friendly.

Choose Carefully

Not all moisturizers can be equally great for you. One thing to pay attention to is your skin type and its specific nature. When you know your skin well, it becomes easier to choose a great product. Watch out for harmful chemicals that can be incredibly damaging, irrespective of the type of skin you have. As you know, anything containing parabens and chemical fragrances need to be avoided at any cost! 

Be Consistent

Consistency is important if you really want your moisturizer to work, or to decide whether or not it works, for that matter! Make sure you set a skin care routine – this should ensure you moisturize your skin the same way every day.

There could be times for instance, when you tend to miss your morning session and just moisturize once in the night. However, if your routine involves moisturizing twice in a day, you’d want to be as consistent as you can so you see real results. 

Switch if You Need To

When you’ve done all of the above, you need to see that, at the end of the day, it all has a good purpose. To ensure this you need to watch your skin carefully, especially in terms of how it’s improving and reacting to your moisturizer. If you think the results aren’t great, or worse, negative in one way or another, you need not hesitate to switch products or brands. If you don’t quite know how to tell if your moisturizer is working well, don’t hesitate to talk to someone who knows – be it a professional or a friend who knows it all!

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