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Understanding Eligibility for Global Talent Independent Programme Australia

The Global talent Independent programme is a visa programme created to attract talented and skilled individuals from all around the world. It is provided by the Department of Home Affairs. They will be able to reside in the country and work there making a significant contribution to the country. This is a programme that you can think about entering if you are planning to migrate to the country or you are in Austrialia on a temporary visa.

With the global talent visa Australia programme you will be able to obtain permanent residence in Australia. In this programme, you should be able to pass the skill assessment, the English language requirement and you need to make sure that you fulfil all the eligibility criteria. The benefit of obtaining the GTI visa, when compared to other types, is that the processing time is very short because it is given precedence over the others. There are several target sectors that are provided and you should be a professional with exceptional skill within these sectors.

There are many advantages to obtaining this visa. You can permanently reside in and seek employment in Australia. If you are interested in education, you can look at enrolling in top educational institutions so that you can further hone your craft. The public health care programme of Australia that is called Medicare will be open for you as well. You can enrol in it to get health care benefits. You can also sponsor family members for to stay permanently in the country once you obtain the visa. You can also become an Australian citizen in the future. You can do this by applying for it after 5 years of living with a permanent visa. There are two ways that you can apply in. There is the Distinguished Talent pathways if you are not within any of the global talent sectors but you are still an outstanding individual in your field. For example, Olympic athletes and famous artists are included in this stream. The main stream is the Global Talent visa pathway where you are within one of the target sectors that the country is looking for.  But you need to have exceptional skill in that sector.

When considering whether you can apply for this GTI programme, you have to be within a target sector and be working in a higher position of a company that is related to the sector or you need to have an exceptional skill in it. There are high standards that you have to meet and there should be a history of professional achievement. There can be professional awards and patents that you can how for these. PhD candidates can apply for this if they have completed a PhD within the last 3 years or if you are completing the final six months of the programme. But there has to be sufficient academic and professional recognition. There should be national and international recognition as well. You can show international publications and awards as evidence.

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