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Reasons to Work with a Freight Broker

It can be difficult to select a freight brokerage to move your goods but with careful research, you will be able to narrow down on dependable companies that provide exemplary service. A freight brokerage will act between you and the carrier company or the freight forwarding company.

A freight broker will have access to a network of national and international freight companies that handle interstate transport, air freight, ocean freight, intermodal freight, road and rail freight etc. They will be able to match your requirements to the capabilities of the freight companies ensuring your customers get a quality service. There is a lot of emphasis on relationships when it comes to freight brokerage and the shipper will rely heavily on the network of the broker to ensure the shipment is moved in a timely manner between two locations.      As you don’t have to coordinate with a carrier directly, it can increase your convenience and you will not need to worry about having to select a dependable carrier out of a list of potential companies. The freight broker will have a better understanding of the industry and will be able to choose a company that suits your purposes. They have an extensive network of carriers that have already been vetted with regards to track record, reliability, areas of expertise etc. which makes the selection process very easy for them.

There is a strong relationship between a freight broker and the shipper ensuring that the objectives of the shipper are achieved. This allows the freight broker to make good on their promise of meeting the deadlines of the shipper and fulfilling all requirements. The partnership between the broker and you is very important as they will dedicate themselves to creating a long term relationship with you. These relationships are based on clear communication and transparency. You will be able to rely on the greater expertise that the broker has in the industry and you will have a valuable resource to turn to when you want to expand your business and want to look for additional services. The brokerage will plan the journey of your shipment with a vetted carrier ensuring that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the initial process.

Understand the level of transparency provided by the freight broker. Some will even allow you to track the shipment online so that you have some peace of mind that the inventory can reach the destination without delay. You will also save a lot of money when you partner with a freight brokerage as they can give you inside information on the transportation market and let you know of the best prices. While it can be difficult for you to track the price fluctuations that constantly occur in the industry, a freight broker will be well aware of it so they can let you know the most cost-effective way of securing your logistics solution. They will also be able to let you know certain seasons where the prices tend to be higher and how to avoid these times.

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