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Different Materials that Can be Used for Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a method used to cut a variety of materials. When you have a certain project to complete, you need to make sure that the laser cutting provider you choose is able to handle the material you’re considering along with being able to keep to deadlines.

You can visit lasercuttingaustralia.com.au to get an idea of some of the additional services that a laser cutting provider will offer such as surface finishing for laser cut parts. This will also depend on the material that you are working with. A common material that is used with laser cutting is metal. Some of the metals that can be used in this way are aluminium, copper, stainless steel and brass. The power of the machine will need to be increased when you are cutting thicker metals. But you need to inform the laser cutting provider about the thickness you need and the particular metal so that they can consider whether it is something they can achieve with their equipment. When you cut metal, the edges are quite sharp and you will be able to get a clean finish. Plastics like acrylic and polycarbonate can be used for cutting as well. The edges of the cut will be smooth and you can create so many intricate designs with this as well.

If you want to have detailed cuts on wood,

This is something that can be done by a laser cutting machine. You can cut solid wood, MDF and plywood with laser and you can have clean edges at the end as well. You can even try creating simple wooden furniture in this way. Not many people think that fabric can be cut with a laser as this is quite a thin material. However, it is so easy to create detailed designs and patterns on fabrics such as silk, polyester and cotton with a laser cutting machine. The edges of the fabric will be sealed as well. There are also materials that are a little difficult to handle such as foam and glass that can also be cut with a laser. Intricate cuts can be made on glass with clean edges. And you can also cut foam for packaging and custom foam inserts.

With high powered laser machines, you can cut stone such as granite and marble. You can create beautifully detailed designs on the stone with this. If you are looking into starting a career by making leather goods, laser cutting services can be very useful as you can create intricate patterns on leather with a laser quite easily. You can use this to create so many leather accessories, shoes and bags. Rubber is another material that can be used in this way to easily create custom parts. Then there are fragile materials like ceramic that can also be cut using a laser so that you can create unique designs on porcelain. There are also certain materials you shouldn’t use with a laser cutting machine such as non-woven materials, vinyl, tightly woven fabric and flammable fabric.

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