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Basic Necessities for A Newborn and Mom

Having a new baby is an exciting process. But most of all selecting what gift to take for a baby shower can be equally as daunting. A baby shower is always exciting to attend, celebrating new life and the start of a new generation.

At the end of the shower the parents of the baby can be left with a room full of gifts that sometime can be of no immediate use or too complicated and space consuming. So, what exactly do you give expecting parents that will be of value and use to them. Below are 6 practical, creative and sentimental gift ideas you should consider for the next baby shower you attend.

Carry bag or Diaper backpack

 A baby on board can be quite a challenge and more so if you have not organized your baby’s belongings. The stress between digging through a bag of items is just about enough to leave you and the baby cranky.

So, since a baby’s requirements are endless; a convenient bag with space and many pockets can make a mother’s life easier. These baby travel bag have durable straps to endure the wear and tear. They can also look stylish and trendy, will be greatly appreciated. These can too be bought on a wide variety of online stores coming in different colours and sizes.

Items for the mother

Taking care of a baby is exhausting and tiring. During the little time that a new mom gets for herself she should be able to dive into what she enjoys or just nap it out. Diaries for her to document this new journey, a new reading material for relaxation or regarding her baby, music or a really comfy pillow can help. Spoiling her during this time too is necessary. Or you can choose something completely out of the box by giving her vouchers for a haircut or personal care.

Gift boxes

Collections of many small items are versatile and make your gift look well thought out. Putting together a box filled with necessary baby items such as feeding bottles, baby clothes or toys can be made by yourself or you can choose ready-made gift boxes available online, these are curated boxes with a variety of products. They are elegant, stylish and practical.

Amenities for the baby room

This can vary from toys, fairy lights or ornaments to create a cosy ambience. If you know the baby’s name monogram letters spelling his or her name, throw pillows matching the colour of the room or a blanket for the cot not only help checking off a few things on the parents to-buy list but are also useful and unique. You may have to have an idea about the parents’ selection so that your gift will be well utilized.

For later use

A pendent or pair of studs can be gifted for the baby girl. Or something valuable they would appreciate when their older are gifts they would appreciate when they’re older.

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