5 Reasons that You Should be Wearing a Hoodie

We all know that clothing is a method of self-expression, and we apply that knowledge every day. Think about it, when you walk down the street don’t you make snap judgements about the people who pass you by? If they’re wearing nice, polished shoes, you’re probably thinking, corporate, business minded, well put together etc. If they’re wearing loud colors and trendy clothes, you’re probably thinking, attention seeker, youthful etc. So, knowing that lets get into one of my most adored pieces of clothing in the whole world. The humble hoodie.

If you’re in the market for some killer hoodies for your little one make sure to check out children’s hoodies Australia for some great, well-made items. And now let’s get into why you should be wearing the hoodie literally everywhere, indoors, outdoors, underwater (ok maybe not that last one)

  1. Go Exercising in them

The hoodie is the best garment in the work for working up a sweat in the great outdoors or in the gym, I’m ready to fight anyone on this. For women, it helps keep your body outline pretty ambiguous (if you’re not in the mood to show off your rocking bod) and for guys it helps you sweat more, which in turn helps get rid of all those impurities in your body.

  • Feel the freedom!

Hoodies are so very ambiguous that you can wear as many layers as you want underneath, or not at all if you’re feeling particularly cheeky.

  • Insecurities be gone!

Hoodies are one of those magical garments that are a lifesaver if you’re feeling particularly body conscious. They are so baggy and comfortable to slip into that you can be confident that no one’s going to be making eyes at you for the wrong reasons.

  • It’s not super expensive

The best thing about hoodies is that they’re not some kind of super pristine, merino wool, had to sheer 50 sheep and select the finest furs by hand kind of garment. No, they’re pretty cheap and very cheerful, you don’t need to worry about dropping a few crumbs on it when you’re munching on your mid-day snack, and honestly this is a blessing. Expensive clothes are overrated because you basically spend the entire day taking care of them. Go cheap, go for a hoodie, go for the freedom.

  • It’s like a hug that you can wear

Hoodies are amazing because they are made of such nice material, have so many folds, and is just draped so loosely and warmly on your body that it feels like a happy hug at all times. Truly the best feeling in the world. Hoodies come in all kinds of different materials, cotton ones are the best mixed in with some polyester for just a touch of structure and you’re good to go. The hoodie is the perfect garment for kicking it on a cold winter day.

So that’s basically it, hoodies are just the best.

the authorMaoSproles