Find the Perfect Hair Straightener for Your Hair Type

Do you get frustrated in the morning when you look in the mirror and you’re ready to make combing your hair a sport? For relaxed hair here is the ultimate solution simply say no more to the battle of having frizzy hair and greet a smooth hair with the best hair straightener. Long silky straight or curly hair, normal hair, thin hair or thick hair, you would require the best straightener for you. Let me take you to what you must learn about that particular product to choose the right tool that will suit your mane.

Different Types of Hair Straighteners

In regard to hair straighteners there are many types in the market according to the requirement of the users as well as their choice. Of all types of straighteners, the most popular currently are the ceramic types; the straighteners ensure that heat is distributed evenly on hair, thus reducing any chance of damaging it. While ceramic straighteners take time to heat up they are suitable for thin and fine hair that does not need too high temperature Titanium on the other hand heats up quickly is best for thick coarse hair.

Ceramic straighteners have a number of benefits to the hair such as the emission of negative ions which locks in moisture into the hair shaft as well as reduce factors that cause frizz. In case you are looking at cutting-down on the cost, try out the flat iron that has ceramic plates. It provide some of the great benefits of pure ceramic at cheaper price range.

Infrared straighteners may become ideal in this instance since their effects are internally applied, within the hair cuticle, and do not tend to cause enormous heat alteration. Ionic types work by emitting tiny negative ions that help to bland the hair positive charges hence removing frizz and static.

Here we have shared information about the different hair straightener types so that you know what to use for nice and straight hair!

Choosing the Right Plate Material for Your Hair Type

To be precise, specific characteristics which should be taken into consideration when choosing a hair straightener for your hair type include the plate material. Common materials used in plates include and due to the many types, they vary in the way heat is distributed as well as the amount of heat shielding in your strands.

As for the type of hair; if one has fine or damaged hair, then it is advisable to use ceramic plated explore hair straighteners  as they are heatogenous and they do not cause a lot of hair damage. Tourmaline plates are also particularly good for fine and delicate hair types since they are negative ion generators that will help lock moisture into your hair.

If you want to style rigid hair or hair that has a harder texture then titanium plates are preferable since they can heat up to a high degree to offer uniform heating. They can be used for calming down rwlefr waves and curls as often as needed.

Since this type of hair can easily frizz when heated, pay special attention and use plates with keratin or argan oil to put more moisture and lustre when straightening. These can assist in shielding them from harsh heat, which may damage your locks and also maintain their neat look.

Hair Straightener Features to Consider

Before buying a hair straightener, you need consider some aspects for the best results for your hair type. There is one main facet which is the actual width of the plate; having a wider plate for those with thick hair, and having a narrow one for the people will finer hair or those with shorter hair.

 Another prominent aspect that one needs to consider is, it is best to have control over temperatures, as different hair types require different temperature to be applied. Tourmaline ceramic plates are soft on the hair; they heat up uniformly; therefore, their demand is well founded.

Never lose sight of the heating rate of the straightener – some of the straighteners have functions which make them heat up strictly, hence making your work easier should you be in a hurry. You may also need some additional features as for example timer and auto shut-off or if you are going to use your blender during your trips, it is helpful to have dual voltage ability.

Choosing a hair straightener with the right features will enable you style your hair to enable it look straight and silky without bringing out the bad looks of the hair.

The best hair straighteners for fine/straight hair

When you have fine or straight hair it can be tricky to know which hair straighteners to purchase. If possible go for one with heat settings that can be adjusted so as not to harm your hair. Ceramic plates are appropriate because they maintain heat equally without points on the plate that may burn the blade and therefore may cause the plate to break.

Suggest using materials and accessories that are not too bulky or thick to allow easy manipulation of your hair. Beauty talks can be pretty tricky, therefore it is advisable to look for a straightener with floating plates that are able to conform to the type of hair you are handling in order to avoid catching on some strands and make the comb glide over your hair easily.

When using the fine hair the recommended heat level is low – about 250°F – 300°F to prevent the strand from turning into frazzled. Another type is the titanium coated straighteners since they take time to heat, and they take time to cool as well and thus retains the best heat for the best styles.

Try to remember to always use a heat protecting spray before styling and when straightening start from the middle down if you wish to get the best outcomes. If you’ve added extensions to your set of hair tools and armed yourself with proper knowledge on hair care, you can go ahead and make your fine or straight hair beautiful, pin straight!

How to properly use a hair straightener for optimal results

As much as Flat Irons are good to use, it is always important if you follow the following steps to get the best out of it. Specifically, it is important not to allow water to reach the device to avoid short-circuits, and one should only start using the device when the hair is clean and dry. This step helps to safeguard your hair against damage which might be caused by heat.

Section out your hair for convenience and then iron the underside hair mass moving upwards. To smoothen the hair while sectioning it wait to straighten till comb or a brush moves freely through the area. It is advisable not to repeatedly run the straightener over the same part of the hair because this will only take a very hot temperature and this results in hair breakage.

Lastly, when your hair is washed, do not touch it with your hands, instead allow it to cool down before you apply a hair comb or hairspray or even serum. It is important to note that one should not make direct use of high heat setting because this only hastens the process of damaging the unit beyond repair. So next time you are in confusion choosing between different perfect hair straightener brands and models, just keep these tips in mind and you will surely get the perfect hair straightener you have always dreamed about!

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